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As a recipient of Los Padres Foundation (LPF) Gilbert Rios Memorial Award, I must:

  1. Forward to Los Padres Foundation (LPF) copies of my transcripts, reports, and any other information regarding my school performance.
  2. Send to LPF my official course registration documents. Understand $2,500 will not be sent, fall and spring semesters, to my school by Los Padres Foundation until LPF receives my official course registration documents.
  3. Apply the Award to defray educational costs and expenses.
  4. Forfeit the remaining portion of the scholarship in the event that I discontinue the course of study disclosed in the application.


The application must be completed ONLINE by JUNE 1, 2016
All required documents must be postmarked no later than JUNE 1, 2016
It is your responsibility to ensure that LPF receives all community service forms, your official transcript, and the reference by June 1


lpf cta renewal deadline apply blue



Please click on the corresponding boxes below to either fill out an on-line application or download and complete a PDF form for the award of your interest. Be sure to read all of the TERMS and CONDITIONS and the APPLICATION GUIDELINES.

Also, once you have been directed to the actual form, READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS, before beginning the application. Remember, any UNANSWERED questions will result in disqualification. If the question does not apply to you, please write "N/A", if the question does not apply to you and has to do with a dollar amount, please write "$0.00".
**Please be secure in knowing that by using our on-line forms all of your sensitive information is SSL protected.**
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