Los Padres Foundation was founded in 1995 by Edgar and Lillian Rios. During their quest for an education, they were fortunate to have benefited from one of the many affirmative action programs available during 1970's, the Bronx Model City Scholarship Program. With the funds from this program and additional financial aid in the form of loans and grants, both Mr. and Ms Rios were able to pursue their educational studies to the graduate level. Committed to the idea of giving back, and not forgetting where they came from Los Padres Foundation was founded. This mission could never have been accomplished but for the foundation laid by their forefathers. Thus, this foundation is dedicated to their parents, your parents, grandparents, and the extended families and friends that participate in ensuring the success of our youths. It is upon the backs and shoulders of these individuals who came before us that the real sacrifices were made. To them the foundation is dedicated. Their devotion to meeting their primary responsibilities as providers and role model serve as the catalyst for success. The "American dream" is available but not for all. It is only possible for those who are willing to strive against the odds or who are fortunate to have a strong foundation to build upon. We invite you to help us fortify this fort. To date we have awarded 225 scholarships. Originally, our scholarships were only available to students within the Bronx, New York City area. Now, scholarship applications are available on the web to students living within New York City and Jersey City area. From a scholarship program to underwriting grant for after-school programs, Los Padres Foundation is still evolving. We are not interested in doing it all; we are only interested in providing the best quality of that which we do. A helping hand is all we have to offer. We beckon you to come and join us in pursuing our mission.

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