When you bake a cake, you expect that it will rise, so that, at the end, you can enjoy a delectable treat. With this mind set, we at Los Padres Foundation expect all of our scholars to rise to the highest expectations, to accomplish all of their hopes and dreams. But it is not enough to just dream, more significantly, it is important that you dream “BIG”. What do you have to lose? It does not matter that we are living in precarious times where all of our human frailties are exposed. What matters is that we step over all barriers, whether they are physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual and go forth with a belief that it is your God given right to succeed. It is of little consequence to internalize the sense of insecurities projected by some members of our society. It is, however, more important to internalize a belief system that encourages and empowers you to climb the highest mountain never being afraid to accomplish your dreams...to rise to the occasion!

An attitude of excellence requires that you believe. Believe, not only that you can, but, that you must because you are special. We live in the land of many opportunities, and despite the fact that we are all supposed to be equal, only the strong survive. There is a global competition at play for the limited opportunities available in our society. It is incumbent upon you to prepare to be the victor and not the victim. With the proper educational preparation, and motivation, the spoils of the victor are yours for the taking. It all begins with an attitude of excellence and gratitude. Being committed to forgo immediate self-gratification for the long term requires willpower and perseverance when the going gets tough. Given that you believe that we are created in the image and likeness of God then you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. You are one of a kind. There is no other like you. You are Special.

So if you believe or wish to believe that you are one of these individuals who can meet high expectations, we welcome you to apply. It is imperative that you believe that you are a special being infused with the very best that mankind has been endowed with.

Join us in our quest of Excellence. Your time is now.

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