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Partners with Los Padres Foundation to provide Vision and Keeping the Visions students with an opportunity to participate in programs offered by Camp Dogwood in Virginia. High school students are offered paid summer internships based on their career interests through the Young Professionals Program.
The AnBryce Foundation is dedicated to having a positive impact on the world through cultivating future leaders from amongst society's most socio-economically disadvantaged young people. We strive to serve as a catalyst for good and significant change in our world by helping to tap into the extraordinary, though often latent, talents and abilities of this population, whom circumstance might have otherwise conspired to keep from the ranks of our world's most accomplished professionals, activists, and innovators. We believe that there is something special about this group; that through mastery of difficult circumstances, and from the capacity developed by bearing the burdens of their struggles, they have nurtured a unique alchemy of strength, sagacity and perseverance, the true building blocks of great leadership. We believe in them. We believe in their potential to have a positive impact on the world.


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