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In 2005, Mott Hall V Middle School opened its doors in the South Bronx to provide service to a socioeconomically disadvantaged population, which truly needs higher quality and caring school such as MHV. Through the partnership with Los Padres Foundation, the school was able to be more creative on how they serve the student population. Through the funding, the students are able to see a world beyond their immediate community. The exposure to outside education excursions and trips have made connecting content material taught in school applicable to the real world which providing incentive to do well.
The underlying principles of the Vision program which have been proven successful in the past have been incorporated into the entire school. All students partake in an advisory program with a small student to teacher population twice a week. This has helped address many behavioral issues thereby establishing an appropriate learning environment.
Through the program, there was a noted significant decrease in negative student behavior and the number of incidents. There was an observed increase in the number of students striving to improve in their school work. This was evident in the recording of completed homework assignments charted in the hallway. It was also evident by the number of students that remained voluntarily after school for help. Regional assessments also noted improvement in Literacy and Mathematics.
Trips were used with students as both incentives to do well and as a means of connecting classroom learning to the world around them. Trips were taken to, Museum of Radio and Technology, The Metropolitan Museum, the New York Hall of Science, three trips to the New Victory Theatre, South Street Seaport Museum/Wood Hole Oceanography program. The students also participated in the Taconic Outdoor Educational Trip. The students also went to Washington DC, in which they benefited from the city tour as well as the many museum visits..


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